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The tenacity and persistence needed to get things done.

Transactional Real estate, aviatio,n and business law are exciting areas to work on. The landscape is constantly changing and the entrepreneurs and energy of business is what drives economic progress. The goal is that any referral feels like a genius when a client succeeds. Diligence, resolve, and persistence must characterize representation for clients. In business law, training and experience must translate into an organized and systematic practice. And attorney work should always add as much value as possible.

The initial consultation is always free. And shared information breeds success. Sometimes this information and advice can be enough to solve any case. Knowing specialists from an extended network of professionals in law, finance, or other industries is also crucial when need arises. Keeping in mind that technology is the trend in industry, an attorney that brings creativity and knowledge together to solve issues using through lightning quick digital methods is a win in your column.

Ryan Seib enjoys his motorcycle, Cessna flying, and family time with his wife, 3 year old, and newborn.

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  1. Business: 40% Contracts for employees, for purchases, sales of equipment, product, shipments; construction contracts; civil liability protection; accounts receivable; tax planning, protection, & compliance; litigation; buy outs; operating agreements; staffing; non-compete agreements; employee handbooks; key employee; succession planning.
  2. Real Estate:  40%
  3. Aviation 20% Aircraft, hangar, & airport transactions; FAA appeals; enforcement actions; business aircraft; mechanic's lien; aircraft & FBO insurance.



A UW Madison Graduate, Cru has worked as a paralegal since graduating with a Political

Science Major in 2014 within the areas of Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, and

Personal Injury. Cru excels at face-to-face interaction with clients, networking and is an

expert with property transfers. Cru is currently pursuing his real estate license.

When not working Cru enjoys reading, Badger games, creative writing, and spending time

with friends and family at various Breweries and Wineries throughout our great state of


Quote: “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

Topic of Discussion: Cru enjoys discussing all things movies, craft cocktails, and Wisconsin’s

blooming wine industry.

Thing I believe that no one else agrees with me about: IPA’s are, in fact, the worst type of

beer ever invented.

Attorney Michael staude


BIO - Of Counsel

Attorney Michael L. Staude graduated  from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 2012. He has worked  with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation on construction  contracts and management, the Department of Workforce Development,  Verizon Wireless, and MCI before it was purchased by Verizon. His  specialties include wills, trusts and estate planning, real estate law  and consulting, landlord tenant law, and general business practices. He  has many years of experience with management and real estate consulting,  including management of his own real estate interests.

Michael is involved with the Knights of Columbus among other ventures and advisements.