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Don "Thorough!"

"Ryan has helped me with business questions and contracts. He is exceptionally thorough and his broad thinking allows him to share ideas/concerns with me of which he thinks I should be aware. My best interests are at the forefront and I have complete trust in him." [Madison]

Robert "Great Lawyer"

"I consulted Ryan on an IRS issue, and he took great care of me, and my family. Ryan provided peace of mind, and a comfort that he would take care of me." [Madison]

Randy "On top of things"

"Ryan is on top of things by making sure his services are thorough, while still offering services in a timely manner. It doesn't stop there, he makes great follow up contacts to make sure we were satisfied with his services. He showed concern to make sure all our needs were met. Thanks Ryan" [Milwaukee]

anonymous "Adverse Possession case"

"My husband and I were being sued by our neighbor for a section of our land under Adverse Possession. The whole thing was quite ridiculous, and we found that the first two attorneys we had were happy to take the case, but both were insisting that we should settle or else we'd lose it all. We periodically consulted with (then a student) Attorney Seib, and after lots of shenanigans by the other lawyer and the neighbor who had unlimited time and money, the judge ruled in our favor except for a tiny section of our land. Since the section was not accessible to them, however, we were granted possession of all the disputed land.      

Attorney Seib asked very relevant and insightful questions, listened intently and researched some ideas for us which enabled us to continue the case and eventually end the dispute. The neighbors put up a beautiful fence for us all to enjoy!" [Madison, real estate]

Eagan "Great legal contract writer for small businesses"

"I've hired Ryan a couple times to work on contracts for my business I just started 4 months ago. My clients regularly tell me how thorough these contracts are, and that's because Ryan takes the time to make sure all necessary clauses and phrases are included. He truly leaves nothing out.

I think his other great strength in the times that I've worked with him is his ability to listen to his clients and confirm that he clearly understands precisely what they are requesting. Once he begins working on a contract and after he finishes, he ensures his clients understand the purpose and importance of each part of the contract. Ryan is my go-to small business attorney as a result of these experiences." [Madison]