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Our Practice

Practice Areas

  • Aviation - A Licensed Pilot/Attorney
  • Drone Law - A Licensed Remote Pilot/Attorney
  • Real Estate/Property Law - Assurity employs a licensed Real Estate Broker as well as a Madison real estate lawyer
  • Business/Corporate Law - Assurity Legal's attorneys own, in addition to the law firm, a real estate business and a Madison based real estate title company.
  • Business Disputes - Assurity handles business or partnership/shareholder disputes of most types.
  • Business Collections and Lien Rights - We understand first hand how very important a consideration this is for a business.
  • Contracts - Most things in law are contract based.
  • NonProfit Law - Assisting benevolent institutions, good ideas, and giving back at reduced rates!
  • Tax Law - Attorney is Licensed and admitted to practice before the US Tax Court.
  • Asset Protection/Wealth Management - Real estate trusts, land trusts, all things for real estate protection.
  • Trust Administration - Trusts that work hard to keep real estate and other wealth safe and properly producing. 

Handling your case

At Assurity Legal each real estate case is treated like the most important part of some individual's life. A good real estate lawyer leaves nothing up to chance or neglected for the usual reasons. We understand that our clients are forced by circumstances to hire us as counsel, and we respect that scenario enough not to take advantage of the people involved. 

Part of a successful team

Every aspect of your real estate is carefully considered and run through many years of previous experience. The real estate lawyers at Assurity Legal Madison has always partnered with its clients, accountants, financial advisors, and all types of business professionals including legal specialists, to get the result.

Success and Integrity

The two most important criteria we follow are to succeed in accomplishing worthy goals for our clients, and to never compromise on integrity of the firm, its members and employees, commitment to real estate law, or the clients and their associates.